Are you looking to grow your business?

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We collaborate with 800+ local and regional organisations per year

Our understanding of the key challenges faced by businesses allows us to leverage our academic resources and expertise to help accelerate business growth.

We strive to translate our academic experience into impactful results. With ten specialist Institutes at the ƹƵ, our knowledge helps develop novel approaches that solve real-world problems.

We have a range of programmes that include bespoke workshops, academic consultancy, and contract research.

One available option is to join 30,000 other senior business leaders in a national practical management training programme delivered by our award-winning Business School.

The Help to Grow: Management executive development course is designed to support SMEs, such as you, to boost business performance and growth potential. As a small l business leader, you will develop strategic skills to increase your organisation's long-term productivity, resilience and capacity to innovate.

Help To Grow: Management