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ƹƵ is a truly transformational experience and means a lot more than just gaining a qualification. We believe that one of the most valuable assets of becoming a graduate is social mobility. Graduates tend to become more involved in communities and civil society, which broaden horizons and wellbeing. That’s why, here at the ƹƵ of ƹƵ, we are proud of the communities our students represent and are keen to engage with them right the way through the educational journey.


At the ƹƵ of ƹƵ we put our students first and work tirelessly to create an excellent learning environment so that they can go forward and achieve their ambitions.

We've put this information together to highlight the vast range of support available from the ƹƵ for schools and colleges to support their students’ progress to Higher Education.

Free activities for schools

We realise that supporting students to achieve their potential starts years before university and our Recruitment and Outreach teams are here to help teachers support their students to make the right higher education choice. Our most popular activites for schools are listed from page 6 onwards.

HE Progression Programme

  • Making a successful UCAS application
  • Preparing for university life
  • Student finance and money matters
  • Information, advice and guidance on HE finance, options and UCAS Outreach
  • Associate activities Student shadowing
  • Targeted summer schools Subject activities Revision skills Interview skills

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