ELAS - English Language Assessment Service

What is ELAS?

ELAS (English Language Assessment Service) is a language test created by the CEFL team to assess a candidate's level of English for ƹƵ of ƹƵ admission purposes.

The test consists of four parts: listening, reading, writing and speaking, each one graded with a mark between 1 and 9.

This service is offered only at the Luton campus, to applicants who do not already have an English language qualification, and wish to apply for a degree course at the university.

How to book a test

If you would like to book an ELAS test, please email us at englishtest@beds.ac.uk. When contacting us, please state:

- your full name

- email address

- ƹƵnumber (if you were already allocated one by admissions)

- the date when you would like to book it for

ELAS Test Dates:

  • Friday 15th March

  • Friday 12th April

  • Friday 26th April

  • Friday 10th May

  • Friday 24th May

There is also a £10 registration fee. Visit the ƹƵ of ƹƵ Online store to

ELAS test sample

There are some ELAS sample tasks for you to download below.

If you would like extra materials in order to prepare for the test, you can practice with IELTS Practice Tests (available on Google).

ELAS Reading Sample Tasks [PDF]

ELAS Writing Sample Tasks [PDF]

ELAS Listening Sample Tasks [PDF]

Sample A (mp3) Sample B (mp3) Sample C (mp3)