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Sort out your living arrangements stress free with Student Pad

Choosing where to live can be a big decision and there are so many options to choose from.

The ƹƵ of ƹƵ recommends living in our purpose-built ƹƵhalls accommodation, but don't worry if that's not for you.

makes finding affordable and secure accommodation for ƹƵlife and study quick and easy.

Browse private rented accommodation

You can to find local properties where all landlords have the required gas and electricity certification.

Get alerts sent to your inbox and view room and property images, amenities check-list, clear payment terms and location maps. Get to know your new home before you move in!

Help and advice

There is also further help and house-hunting tips for what to look out for during your viewing.

A dedicated member of staff is also on hand in ƹƵaccommodation office to answer your questions.

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